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How can I get in shape if I’m starting from virtually no exercise?

Topic: Health ,    Subtopic: Fitness Tags: exercise getting in shape

I exercise very little, with only short (<1km) walks in the morning and usually sitting the rest of the day. Whenever I try to start being more active, I feel sick so quickly that it turns me off from exercising at all. What is a good way to ease into regular exercise when starting from zero (i.e...

asked: UTC 2021-06-10 12:38 PM
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How to enjoy the holidays without gaining the weight?

Topic: Health ,    Subtopic: Fitness Tags: Holidays fitness well being weight weight loss

The most wonderful time of the year for most every reason, except my waist line. How can I enjoy this season without packing on the holiday pounds? What is a good plan I can stick to? ...

asked: UTC 2020-10-12 09:36 PM
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What can I do to handle a bout of altitude sickness?

Topic: Health ,    Subtopic: General Health Tags: Altitude sickness Symptom suppression

I am going to be visiting Colorado for a week. The last time I went I suffered from altitude sickness for much of my trip. Would it be possible to avoid the symptoms altogether somehow?...

asked: UTC 2021-07-09 01:07 PM
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How to stop coffee from hurting my stomach?

Topic: Health ,    Subtopic: Nutrition

I love drinking coffee in the morning. I normally have 1-2 cups a day but it always seems to make my stomach upset. Is there anything I can do to help stop this?...

asked: UTC 2020-12-17 05:42 PM
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When is too young to allow children to wear makeup?

Topic: Health ,    Subtopic: Meditation

When is too young to wear makeup? I've run into many clients to have waited til their child was in highschool, and several who had kindergarten children wearing the same.  What are your views on this?...

asked: UTC 2021-07-13 12:46 PM
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What are some positive affirmations you tell yourself?

Topic: Health ,    Subtopic: Meditation Tags: meditation positive thinking mental health

Having a series of positive messages to tell yourself can really affect how you think about things. What are some good affirmations to tell yourself, and when do you put the time aside to tell yourself them, or is it just something that you do whenever you need it?...

asked: UTC 2020-11-09 04:43 PM
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Is there a way to train my body to habitually sleep in a different position?

Topic: Health ,    Subtopic: Sleep Tags: sleep health sleeping

I have always slept on my side with my arms/hands under my head/pillow. I know this is not a good position to sleep in, and I've started to wake up extremely sore and in pain from it. Is there a way to train my body to sleep in a different position? I don't even know where to start....

asked: UTC 2020-10-06 01:38 AM
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What are good ways to consume adequate amounts of protein?

Topic: Health ,    Subtopic: Nutrition Tags: protein diet healthy skin muscle

It's known that our body needs proteins to repair cells, make new ones, and even uses it to build tissue and regulate hormones. Whether male, or female, in your 20's or 60's, our body needs proteins to work properly. With a large amount of protein helping power our body and keeps us healthy, how can...

asked: UTC 2021-07-20 08:01 PM