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  1. Jo Stevenson 215 Community Answer

    Coffee is acidic, so your pain is likely due to your body's chemistry. Stomachs are naturally acidic, too, and when more acid is added to them, you end up with a tummy ache. Fortunately, keeping a happy belly is usually a quick fix and you have a few options.

    • Eat something before your first cup. Toast, cereal, fruit, or other gentle, easily digestible foods are ideal. Stay away from acidic fruits like oranges or tomatoes.
    • Try a low-acid roast. This site has tons of great information about high-quality, low-acid coffee roasts: 
    • You could take an antacid. Antacids shouldn't be taken regularly, though, so keep this one in mind only when your stomach is really bothering you. 
    • Certain medications can weaken your stomach's lining. Prescription drugs or even OTC painkillers like ibuprofen can wreak havoc on your stomach. Alcohol does the same, so if you have a stiff drink in the evening and then coffee in the morning, your stomach is not going to be very happy with you.
    • Add more milk or cream to your cup. It cuts through the acid and gives your stomach something to digest.
    • Alternately, try drinking it black. Is it possible you're sensitive to lactose? A sugary, milky drink in the morning can really bother some people.
    • If your indigestion isn't a sour stomach but more of an intestinal thing, if you know what I mean, it may be a problem with caffeine. Caffeine stimulates more than your mind! The gut is highly sensitive to stimulants, and coffee can cause cramps or worse. Try decaf for a few days and see if the problem clears up. 
    • As a last resort, you could always switch to tea!
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  2. I'm sensitive too, and always drink water first thing in the morning and about a half hour before having any kind of coffee, and a bit of apple or banana, or fruit juice to make the stomach happy. And then eat something so that you aren't dealing with an empty stomach. Adding chicory to coffee grounds is also beneficial when you make it at home, it will cut the bitterness and acidity a bit - you could add a rounded tablespoon to a pot of coffee, or add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon to a small pot or individual servings.


    You might also want to look for brands of coffee that are low-acid. Java Planet is one, and even Folgers makes a coffee for just the purpose of being easy on the stomach, called Simply Smooth. 


    Here are some links you might want to check out:






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