J Starr

Nursing Homes, Dementias, Alzheimer's Behaviors, General Life
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I have spent nearly a quarter century working directly with people who live in long-term care facilities, specializing in dementias.  I also have over 20 years as a military spouse, and working on the second twenty as a retired military spouse. I have lived all over the US except the north east ...


Kathleen Grace

Artist, Art learning, Health Care and Life Advice.
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I've been a practicing artist and instructor for about 30 years, studied in a traditional manner of academic studies and apprenticeships. For a number of years I worked as an art consultant and framing designer for an art business.  And worked several years as a Museum Educator, leading family ...


Christopher Martin

Career Transitions and Growth, Federal Sales, Long-distance Triathlon, Race Relations in the United States, Ballroom Dancing, Theater, Academia, Games,
Answer Fees: $50 Avg. Response Time: 0 hours Answers: 53 Answer Acceptance Rate: 41%

I am passionately committed to promoting the value of diversity and collaboration, and believe individual effort can make real changes in the world. I support NOAA, DOI and the Smithsonian as an account manager for Cisco Systems.From 2014-2018 I supported Federal Systems Integrators as a Sales Engi ...


Doug Massey

Retired at 41, investing mostly in index funds. Creator of FTI, the "F$*& This Index".
Answer Fees: $90 Avg. Response Time: 0 hours Answers: 31 Answer Acceptance Rate: 54%

IBM design engineer of ASIC microchips for Ethernet use, 1992–2013. Nearly full-time volunteer tutor in public schools (grades 2–12) in Weaverville, NC, focusing on math practice and evaluation with XtraMath, IXL, and Khan Academy and coaching teams for math competitions like MathCounts ...


Peter Yeargin

Founder, Technologist, Mentor, Engineering Leader
Answer Fees: $5 Avg. Response Time: 2 hours Answers: 38 Answer Acceptance Rate: 25%

A synergistic and culture driven leader, I connect downward, upward and across organizational boundaries to identify, develop and foster strategic relationships, determine personal motivators, connect people and drive impactful technology-based results. Technology and its application to our lives i ...


Jess H. Brewer

Retired Physicist
Answer Fees: $0 Avg. Response Time: 0 hours Answers: 76 Answer Acceptance Rate: 11%

I set out to get a PhD in Physics to gain credibility as a science fiction author, but got seduced by muons at Berkeley; before long I found myself developing http://muSR.net at TRIUMF and teaching Physics at the University of British Columbia.  Three decades and over 400 papers later I retired ...


Jeffrey Ferreri

Educator, Artist, Entertainer, Inventor, Designer.
Answer Fees: $4 Avg. Response Time: 0 hours Answers: 33 Answer Acceptance Rate: 50%

Licensed Visual Art teacher, PreK-12. Worked professionally as a makeup special effects artist for stage and film. RV owner for a decade and a half. Professional comedy magician, created and illustrated directions for nationally marketed magic effects. Creative consultant for professional magic ...


Chier Hu

Do you have any real challenges in your life? Let me give you a solution! I will teach you "how to use different knowledge in specific situations"
Answer Fees: $999999999 Avg. Response Time: 0 hours Answers: 12 Answer Acceptance Rate: 91%

Are you dealing with something?  Do you want to get some tricks up your sleeve? I have pocketful tips, ace, card, wrinkles, bright ideas, clever tricks, wise counsel, personal pointers, and instructions for you. As a senior investment manager, I deal with the top entrepreneurs and investors ...


Annika Peacock

U.S. federal government, US military, veterans issues, immigration
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Public servant for 15 years at a variety of USG agencies.  I adjudicated well over 10k immigrant and non-immigrant visas in 3 countries.


Sarah C

Maker, Doer
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 I'm a writer, knitter, spinner, weaver, gardener, maker, and reader. My home is over 120 years old and I have gained extensive first-hand knowledge about living in and taking care of historical homes.