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  1. K Grace-Lily 3000 Community Answer

    I'm old school, and I do date back to the age of dinosaurs, but I did start wearing eye makeup at age 14 - that was popular and common then, when girls reached first year high school. And that still seems an appropriate age. If nothing else, a simple rule could be defined as becoming a teen - and 13 is an age to think about if you look on the lower end, but 14 is a good age to allow it, and too a hallmark could be when they enter high school, which could be as much as 15, but either way, 14/15 is a good age. Anything below that, well, grammar school just seems too awfully young for makeup.


    Also to consider, there's often a change in personality that comes with wearing makeup - there's just no way to avoid that, girls change when they start wearing makeup. They think they're grownup, they can start to develop, oh that behavioral condition that starts to take a stand and argue a lot, and frankly, I'd rather put off a child thinking they are old enough to make decisions for themselves until they are older. 

    UTC 2021-07-13 02:53 PM 0 Comments
  2. When you say children, I’m assuming between the ages 0-12. For a medical perspective, children shouldn’t wear make up because 1.) until about 3-4 years, their skin absorb substances faster and in large quantities than in older kids or adults. This us called transdermal absorption due to their underdeveloped epidermis. 
     Therefore exposing kids to such chemicals is very dangerous, 2.) their immune system is underdeveloped to protect them from the toxicity, 3.)  the detoxifying capacity of their organs (kidney and liver) is also not at the optimum.


    I think teenagers can wear make up because, their body can easily detoxify any chemicals that get into their systemic circulation from the skin or eyes or lips. 

    UTC 2021-07-19 01:54 PM 0 Comments

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