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Are there some good games to give my 8-year-old to get her into board gaming?

Topic: Games ,    Subtopic: Boardgames Tags: gateway games youth games

I'm not a huge gamer, but my 8-yo has a lot of friends that do play games. I can tell she feels left out. Are there some good games I can get to intro her into that world and get her more excited?...

asked: UTC 2021-04-02 07:22 PM
image jennifer_m (25)
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What is the first thing I need to know about chess?

Topic: Games ,    Subtopic: Boardgames

I know how the pieces move and the difference between check and checkmate, but that's about it. What's my next move?...

asked: UTC 2021-01-16 01:23 AM
image SarahCzar (566)
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How hard is it to download/install/get started on Discord?

Topic: Games ,    Subtopic: PC/Mac Games

A bunch of my friends have been after me to get on Discord - they play games online and use it for voice chat, and sometimes video, I gather?  Someone sent me a link for a download to join their server, whatever that means.  What kind of resources am I going to need in terms of memory/RAM ...

asked: UTC 2021-04-06 02:59 PM
image Chris_Martin (1374)
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Is Vitaculture a good game for a 10 year old kid?

Topic: Games ,    Subtopic: Boardgames Tags: viticulture games kids

I'm considering buying Vitaculture for my 10-year-old and I was wondering if it's too complex for her?...

asked: UTC 2020-07-13 02:26 AM
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What are some card games you can play without a full deck?

Topic: Games Tags: card games

I'm going to be spending some time with my family and I'd like to play some card games with them but I've lost some of the cards in my deck and I won't have any opportunities to get a new deck before then. Are there any games I can play with my deck as is?...

asked: UTC 2020-08-28 04:47 PM
image diazi (60)
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Is there an advantage to be the banker in Monopoly?

Topic: Games ,    Subtopic: Boardgames Tags: monopoly

We still fight over the position (in our 50s) but at this point, it's the principle of it! ...

asked: UTC 2020-10-07 01:04 AM
image Donna (10)
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Advice for storing and organizing my board games? Is Box Throne the right choice or do I stick with Ikea?

Topic: Games ,    Subtopic: Boardgames Tags: storage boardgame storage box throne game storage

I'm a huge collector of board games and the main problem I have is trying to store them all properly. I've tried the Ikea Kallax shelves, but those are not the prettiest things on the planet. They also have a lot of extra mass taken up by the shelves themselves.  I've been reading about the so...

asked: UTC 2020-07-26 03:03 PM
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Dungeons and Dragons: What does a Beholder do in 5E? How have others used them in their campaigns?

Topic: Games ,    Subtopic: Role Playing/Fantasy Tags: d&d beholders 5e campaigns

Planning out my next campaign and considering character options and monster options. I'm wondering how others have used Beholders in their campaigns and if you have some suggestions on how to weave one into my particular campaign.   I don't anticipate the Beholder being the final confrontatio...

asked: UTC 2020-07-31 02:37 AM