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Is it worth paying to have a TV mounted?

Topic: Home Improvement ,    Subtopic: DIY Projects Tags: tv wall mounting question

I want to mount a new tv in my room and I don't know if I want to pay the extra money to have it mounted by a professional. It is just basic drywall and I have all the tools I would need. I am just worried that the instructions will be far too over simplified and I dont want to hurt my tv or my wall...

asked: UTC 2020-07-10 03:47 PM
image jbrown5 (140)
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Home maintenance: What is the most reliable programmable, residential deadbolt?

Topic: Home Improvement ,    Subtopic: Electrical Tags: deadbolt

I'm thinking of getting an electrical programmable deadbolt because I want my dog-sitter to have access to our side door, but I dont want to give them a key because I don't have an extra and don't want to have one made. What is the best sort of prgrammable deadbolt that is commercially available and...

asked: UTC 2020-08-31 05:33 PM
image myee4 (90)
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What's the best paint color to go with ivory kitchen cabinets?

Topic: Home Improvement ,    Subtopic: Painting Tags: paint colors ivory kitchen cabinets kitchen griege

We have ivory kitchen cabinets and I'm trying to pick a paint color for the walls. Anyone else have ivory cabinets and/or have a suggestion? I'm repainting the first floor and every gray/griege color I try just makes the cabinets look yellow.   Help!    ...

asked: UTC 2020-09-22 10:54 AM
image peter_yeargin (1360)
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Is there a surefire way to get rid of cat smell?

Topic: Home Improvement Tags: cats cleaning hardwood odor

The previous owners of my house used their home as a cat sanctuary for many years. According to the neighbors, they always had dozens of cats... and I believe it! I've owned this house for 3 years and had it professionally cleaned in the living spaces, basement, and air ducts. It still smells strong...

asked: UTC 2020-10-02 06:17 PM
image SarahCzar (656)
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Will concrete countertops affect the resale value of my house?

Topic: Home Improvement ,    Subtopic: Remodeling

My roommate and I are about 80% finished remodeling the kitchen of my 100-year-old home. We have done all of the work ourselves, on a shoestring budget. The look is kind of artsy/rustic/modern, with blue walls, white cabinets, silver hardware and stainless steel appliances. We have been planning to ...

asked: UTC 2020-10-05 07:09 PM
image Jennifer (170)
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What can I do to take care of my original hardwood floors?

Topic: Home Improvement

The floors in my home are over a hundred years old. Of course they show their age and are quite delicate. Scraping furniture, dropped utensils, and shoes are very damaging. Sanding and refinishing would be highly effective, but it can strip down the thin boards, so this would be the last resort. Wha...

asked: UTC 2020-10-07 06:03 PM
image SarahCzar (656)
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Would you rather have the installer of a 6' wood fence use nails or screws to attach the pickets to the horizontal boards, and why?

Topic: Home Improvement ,    Subtopic: DIY Projects

Does it even matter? I'm thinking screws would be easier to take out if a picket should ever need to be replaced. My guy is using nails, no doubt because it cuts down on his costs, which means more profit in his pocket. But I don't know too many people who would think to ask or want to know such det...

asked: UTC 2020-10-08 01:20 PM
image Clay (20)
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How can I become a better at DIY home improvement projects?

Topic: Home Improvement ,    Subtopic: DIY Projects Tags: DIY Home improvement

My dad never even taught me how to change a car tire, let alone rewire a lamp! Since living on my own, I have figured out how to do these simple things, but only after help from my boyfriend. How can I learn DIY project basics now? Are there any good general guide line books I should read through?...

asked: UTC 2020-10-10 03:26 AM
image Ea0503 (148)