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Why aren't there any Waffle Houses in California?

Topic: Food and Drink ,    Subtopic: Restaurants Tags: restaurants food question location waffle

One of the things that makes life on the east coast great is the waffle houses. Why aren't there any in california?...

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asked: UTC 2020-08-20 02:57 PM
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Does alcohol go bad after being opened?

Topic: Food and Drink

My boyfriend and I like to drink Knob Creek whiskey. We bought a large bottle earlier this summer and had about 1/3 left in it that we hadn't drank for about a month. Tonight we had some, and it tasted a bit different than usual. The flavors were less prominent, and it jsut tasted like alcohol. Does...

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asked: UTC 2020-11-06 02:58 AM
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Hearty meatless soups, stews and casserole suggestions?

Topic: Food and Drink ,    Subtopic: Cooking

I live in Minnesota and have a full-sized freezer. Each fall, I try to devote several days to cooking large batches of hearty meals that I can freeze and enjoy for the winter months. I am not a vegetarian, but am trying to limit animal protein as a side accommpaniment to main, plant-based meals. Do ...

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asked: UTC 2020-10-05 02:55 PM
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Best countertop kitchen appliance for the space?

Topic: Food and Drink ,    Subtopic: Cooking

I have a friend who is moving out of a house and into a small apartment. She loves to cook and is looking forward to having her own kitchen again. I want to get her a countertop appliance as a housewarming gift. Because her space is at a premium, I want to get one that will be useful and used. I am ...

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asked: UTC 2020-10-06 02:16 PM
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How long does homemade apple pie last?

Topic: Food and Drink ,    Subtopic: Baking Tags: food baking pie stale food

My fiancé and I baked a homemade apple pie about 3 weeks ago. I have one small piece left in the refridgerador and was wondering if it is still good to eat. Does homemade apple pie get bad and if so, how long after you bake it?...

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asked: UTC 2020-10-06 03:59 PM
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How do you adjust recipes for a 2000-foot change in elevation?

Topic: Food and Drink ,    Subtopic: Baking

I've heard that elevation can affect how a recipe turns out. What adjustments would I need to make so that my recipes still turn out right?...

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asked: UTC 2020-07-23 02:46 AM
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Why do they call it "high altitude cooking" when it's actually "high elevation cooking"?

Topic: Food and Drink ,    Subtopic: Cooking

My understanding is that elevation is distance above sea level and altitude is distance above the ground, so unless you're cooking/baking in a plane (or other aircraft) shouldn't it be "high elevation cooking"?...

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asked: UTC 2020-07-30 08:20 PM
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How can I get protein as a vegetarian?

Topic: Food and Drink ,    Subtopic: Healthy Eating Tags: vegetarian vegan protein healthy eating

I love the vegetarian/ vegan lifestyle but sometimes I feel a bit slow and I think it's because I am not getting enough protein. I will typically have some sort of bean with every meal but I am worried it's maybe not enough. I want to make sure that I am meeting all my dietary needs before maybe add...

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asked: UTC 2020-10-28 04:01 PM
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Where can I buy venison?

Topic: Food and Drink

I've always wanted to try venison, but I don't hunt and neither do any of my friends or family. Can I buy pre-packaged venison in the store? I've never seen it on the shelves. ...

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asked: UTC 2021-02-07 11:33 PM
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What’s the best booze to add to apple cider?

Topic: Food and Drink ,    Subtopic: Cocktails

I've always wanted to try spiked Cider as a nice holiday drink, but I have no idea how to make it. I don't wanna add something that might be gross since I don't drink a lot of liquour....

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asked: UTC 2020-12-14 11:23 PM