Hearty meatless soups, stews and casserole suggestions?

I live in Minnesota and have a full-sized freezer. Each fall, I try to devote several days to cooking large batches of hearty meals that I can freeze and enjoy for the winter months. I am not a vegetarian, but am trying to limit animal protein as a side accommpaniment to main, plant-based meals. Do you have suggestions as to plant-based dishes that are hearty and filling and also freeze well? I pretty much enjoy all vegetables, legumes, rice and pasta.

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  1. Here are a couple lists I've found really helpful! I am a vegetarian and LOVE to make meatless soups throughout the colder months here in Maine. I've never tried freezing any, as I don't make big enough batches, but I would guess most of these would freeze fine! 



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  2. Thank you, Daina! I will definitely check these out. Always looking for good recipe blogs to follow.

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