Will you lose muscle mass if you sit

I am getting obsessed with walking and can't even sit for a minute I'm scared that I'll loose muscle mass. I do light workouts from Monday to Friday but on weekdays I'd only have little time to exercise and I'd have to work in office for hours. I've seen articles everywhere saying you'll lose muscle and get obese if you sit too long something like that and that scares me too much and now I can't even get myself touch the chair for a second. Sitting has become just mentally uncomfortable for me but I know I can't just stand for 9 hours working, any advice?


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Mavis C

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  1. J Starrja 28 Accepted Answer

    I appreciate that you have 'heard' or 'read' different ideas about exercise and muscle mass and aging and all kinds of such physiogenic bits and bobs, but, given the details of your question, it does not sound as if you will lose muscle mass so much is you have already lost peace of mind because of an obsession over your body.

    I really recommend speaking to your licensed health care provider, because what you describe sounds a whole lot more like a body image issue/obsession rather than not simply understanding how muscle tissue is built and how it can- and cannot- atrophy in the right conditions.

    You have said it yourself: You can hardly bring yourself to sit down;  such is NOT a healthy response to the idea of exercise.


    Of any type.

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