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  1. Erica Friedman 424 Community Answer

    Reviews are never inherently "trustworthy." All reviews are the opinions of the reviewer.

    What makes a review valuable, is that you either agree with the reviewer or strongly disagree with the reviewer or, if you are a good reader, and the the reviewer is a good writer, read the review and understand the reviewer's biases, so you can use the information presented by the reviwer to make a good decision for yourself.

    If you read game reviews, you ought to be able identify what kind of information you need to believe the reviewer. "I didn't finish the game but it seemed good," is not trustworthy. "Hell yes, this was an awesone game and couldn't stop playing" is more trustworthy. 

    You'll need to red the reviews and decide for yourself whether you are likely to agree, but you can mostly trust that a reviewer's real opinion is in that review.

    UTC 2022-04-15 11:57 PM 0 Comments

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