What are some at at home remedies for reducing acne swelling?

Not everyone has the option to see an esthetician or dermatologist regularly, especially those suffering from acne.  Acne can come at different stages of life, and due to lack of time, finacial issues, and other factors, people have come to at home remedies to reduce redness and swelling, without the professional tools and professional products that are typically used in office. What are some at home remedies being used?

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  1. J Starr 4395

    Get some 10% hydrocortisone cream.  Use it sparingly-  it doesn't take a lot. Twice a day, maybe three times if it is cystic.  Otherwise, well, you can use chips of raw cucumber same as for your eyes, and you can even dissolve a plain aspirin in a drop or two of water and dab that on the offending spot, but hydrocortisone works best.

    Had a cousin who would practically paint her face with Calamine lotion- when dry, it was easy to dot a bit of concealer on her skin and look not too different than so many women do now-  you know there's skin down underneath all that make up somewhere, but you don't know quite how far down you need to scrub. Another applied drops of Visine, but her mom, my Aunt, was overheard to say, "It doesn't make any difference."

    Also, you didn't ask, and if you don't like this, well, I can edit it out on your say so:  Wash you face with warm water and a facecloth; do not use soaps or cleansers.  Do not put lotions back on- not unless you are positive they are absolutely noncomedogenic.  And-  the important one-  give up ALL caffeine.  No Coke, Pepsi, Dr Pepper, Mt Dew, tea and especially no Monster stay-awake drinks.  No caffeine.  Do that for three months, and you'll likely see a difference which means the advice just provided to you, above,  won't much be necessary.

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