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What's the phrase that describes a willingness to spend extra cash in a way that you wouldn't otherwise, because you're already spending a lot?

Topic: Personal Finance

I thought this was "The Fallacy of Large Numbers", but that actually has to do with probability.  A good example of this would be if you buy a $50,000 car and they offer an option for an automatic garage door opener for another $300, and you think "Oh, what's another $300 -- I'm already spendin...

asked: UTC 2020-09-18 01:43 PM
image masseydvt (1211)
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Is there anywhere to put a portion of a monthly pension (VA disability benefits) that is safer than cash?

Topic: Personal Finance ,    Subtopic: Growing your Savings

My spouse and I both receive VA disability benefits, but I worry about changes in government and inflation. Some of our money goes to the our investment portfolio, real estate, money markets, etc, but is there anything that's actually safer than a good-ole savings account/envelope under the mattress...

asked: UTC 2020-07-17 08:28 PM
image Artichoke (305)
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Refinancing : How do you know when it makes good financial sense?

Topic: Personal Finance ,    Subtopic: Mortgages

I checked the interest rates yesterday, and it looks like the going rate is about 0.75% less than what I'm currently paying. How can I calculate if it's worth refinancing? Paying closing costs again sounds expensive, and if it's going to take years to recoup the difference, it might not make sense t...

asked: UTC 2021-01-08 03:15 PM
image SarahCzar (656)
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When does re-financing a mortgage make sense?

Topic: Personal Finance ,    Subtopic: Mortgages Tags: mortgage refinance

I have a 3.99% mortgage, and have been in the house just more than 2 years. We expect to be here at least another 3 years, maybe longer?  Given that we might be moving in the not-to-distant future, does it make sense to refinance?  I understand rates are really good right now.  Is the...

asked: UTC 2020-07-25 02:51 PM
image Chris_Martin (1834)
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Check my retirement plan

Topic: Personal Finance ,    Subtopic: Retirement Planning

My wife and I were looking over our finances and prospects for the next decade or so as we approach retirement.  We've been incredibly lucky to have kept our jobs during the pandemic and are happily in a place where we don't have to worry as much about the day-to-day as we did when we were youn...

asked: UTC 2021-01-19 01:48 PM
image Chris_Martin (1834)
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When in your twenties, is it better to invest your extra money or use it to aggressively pay down student loans?

Topic: Personal Finance ,    Subtopic: Growing your Savings Tags: student loans investing tradeoff

I am in a position to begin aggressively paying down my student loans but wonder if my money would have greater long-term value being invested....

asked: UTC 2021-08-23 08:09 PM
image JackRabbit (30)
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How do Crypto currencies work?

Topic: Personal Finance ,    Subtopic: Growing your Savings Tags: finance investing cryptocurrency

I do not understand Crypto currencies, how they are valued and how they can help me in my investment planning. Should the average person avoid them?...

asked: UTC 2021-06-09 12:02 PM
image Shawn (140)
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What is the best way to make and follow through with goals?

Topic: Personal Finance

I've always been an avid plan/list/goal maker. Sometimes I follow through, and many more times these lists and plans are never touched again after being written. I'm at a point in my life where I want to make a comprehensive set of goals for the next several months and make sure I follow through wit...

asked: UTC 2020-10-22 01:28 AM
image daina52 (95)