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  1. Rich Lewis 110 Community Answer

    Two questions to answer:  What type of WiFi signal are you trying to use? (2.4 or 5 GHz), and what type of home do you live in?

    2.4 GHz carries better through standard walls and floors but is slower.  5GHz's strength is greatly diminished by solid materials, BUT is faster.


    Place your WiFi unit in as open of an area as possible, maening NOT in a cabinet or shelving unit if possible.  WiFi extenders do definately help, but I assume you'e tried that.  If you're reading, doing email and web/app surfing, the 2.4 frequency may do the trick for non interrupted success.   If you're streaming lots of Video, especially HD+ quality, you may need to ue the 5GHz level.


    Hope that helps.

    UTC 2021-06-15 04:49 PM 0 Comments

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