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  1. Shawn Tylka 140 Community Answer

    Hello Jennifer. I have some wonderful favorite books that have time travel in them and I'm happy to share. 

    First I'll start with the All Souls Series by Deborah Harkness. Book 1 - A Discovery of Witches has a touch of time travel. Book 2 - Shadow of Night is entirely time travel. And then the third novel in the series The Book of Life wraps up an amazing story. 

    A Knight in Shining Armor is an older novel by Jude Devereaux. I have read it every couple of years because I love the story so much and the details that happen with time travel. 

    Nora Roberts has written a series of books with time travel. Time and Again, Times Change and Time Was, and The Circle Trilogy all include time travel. 

    Audrey Niffennegger's The Time Traveler's Wife is a very unique story about time travel. The novel is beautiful and, in my opinion, far better than the movie based on it. 

    Matt Haig's The Midnight Library while not a standard time travel story, incorporates time skipping and a lovely message. I highly recommend it.

    This article includes further recommendations to keep you reading: 

    Have fun and happy reading! 

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