How can I start a vegetable and fruit garden in my backyard without it being too labor-intensive?

I have owned a home for 11 years and always wanted to have a small garden where I could plant fruits and vegetables to pick, cook, and eat at home. My experience in gardening is very novice. I’ve bought some seeds and flowers and planted them in my backyard twice. I tried strawberries but they never grew. I did have some luck with jalapeno peppers which grew once but nothing after that.


What fruits and vegetables are the easiest to plant with minimal effort so I can start my garden?

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Rose Ibrahim

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  1. This is a difficult one. I grew up in the garden. Gardening is a labour-intensive project no matter what you grow. I don't know how to make it seem any different. If you can't grow strawberries I don't know what to suggest. Maybe stick to peppers if peppers do well in your garden. 

    The very task of making and keeping the soil clean of grass and weeds is almost a fulltime job. Maybe not if the garden is small enough. But you do have to keep a constant eye on it. You have to be on the lookout for everything such as:

    • soil conditions: too dry or too wet
    • insects and other small pests such as snails that eat your plants
    • disease that kills your plants
    • cats and dogs and racoons and skunks that for unknown reasons invade your garden
    • squirrels that eat your plants

    When and if your plants mature and bear fruit/vegetables you have to watch them every day to know when they are ripe so you can pick them at the perfect time. If you go away for the long weekend and the tomatoes are the exact right colour on Saturday morning, they will be overripe and soft by Monday evening. 

    To have a successful garden, you have to make it a top priority or it won't work. Too much depends on the elements and the natural workings of nature. Nature does not stop; it operates 24/7.  That has been my experience as a lifelong gardener. 

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