Should Covid-19 have any impact on career choice for incoming freshman and sophomores in college classes?

The inevitable results of COVID-19 will be many, but the increased pace of digitization (moving things from paper to computers, put roughly) in our world is one of the many things happening right now. Jobs you can do remotely have continued to weather the storm of unemployment and jobs that used to require in-person have been transformed into online, remote work, in many cases.


Should this affect career choice? Has all of this had a permanent effect on the job world in general, and to what extent?


What advice would you give your incoming college freshman self?

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Peter Yeargin

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  1. Yes, being aware of how the world and the landscape for work is beneficial, if only to help a person strike a better work-life balance. 

    Tech companies had spent a lot of money to keep people in the office for longer hours. Massage chairs, and fully stocked kitchens, game rooms and even sleeping rooms meant that they could squeeze extra work out of gullible young people. 

    Those folks are older now and the next generation is less interested in crunching for the corporation and much more interested in having a job that doesn't drain their life away. We're seeing the Great Resignation as people trade toxic workplaces for time and health and money reasons. I'm pretty sure that's one of the reasons companies are rushing us back to their "normal" so they can make us forget that this communing thing is ableist, wasteful and pointless. The longer we don't go into the office, the less likely we are to care that they have to pay rent on an empty building.

    So what does that mean to you? Choose for your whole self. Stock options are nice, but they aren't really worth selling your youth for - unless they are, to you. 

    I chose my industry 30 years ago and I'm lucky as hell that I'm right where I want to be right now. There is no way I would be back in a office ever again. It's not to my benefit at all.

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