Write down a 3 paragraph speech argument about any news topic that has to due with the human race (african americans)

The introduction of your speech must include a hook that explains the issue from a broad (real world) angle, as well as mention the three course texts you are using to draw your analysis from.

 In your speech, you must experiment with using the rhetorical devices we have studied such as pathos, ethos and logos. Consider how you can use metaphors, similes, short sentences, allusions, anecdotes, quotations, and other devices to make your speech more engaging and persuasive. Your speech is not about the work(s) that inspired the question. You should refer to the written work(s) briefly in your speech, but the focus must be on giving your own analysis of the issue.

  In your speech, label and name your rhetorical devices; put brackets on examples of ethos, logos, and pathos, and explain how it is logos, ethos, and pathos and the purpose of the devices in supporting your thesis. 


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  1. JR Ferreri 1171 Community Answer

    You have simply submitted a homework assignment, apparently hoping someone will do the work for you. There are homework assistance sites in the web, but people there will give you suggestions and help you insist things, not do entire assignments for you.


    As a licensed k-12 public school teacher, I have to caution you not to engage in plagiarism and try to turn in order people’s writing as if it were your own. You will fall the assignment, possibly fail the class, and in some cases can be divested from the school.


    Even if someone were willing to help you cheat, they can’t make references to the textbooks that were assigned to you to read.


    You honestly don’t  want to rob yourself of the joy of discovering the answers yourself and the satisfaction of putting those ideas in your own words. Good luck on your j journey!

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