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  1. J Starr 4425 Accepted Answer Community Answer

    I waited-  I wanted to see who else might have an answer, but, my plan came to naught.

    If you never read Sir Terry Pratchett's works  especially the Discworld books (yes, all of them) and even the Tiffany Aching series-  then I submit you do not read fantasy: You read poor, colorless imitations of a superb genre which is made for dark humor, sardonic humor, whimsical humor, satirical humor, human-ness, humane-ness, and possibly why humans have knees.

    The first two of the Discworld books are like written graphic novels- very simple, but don't let that fool you: It is the foundation for the entire rest of the series. They are easy to read, though, and each character's description is so perfectly right, you know exactly who they are and where they fit, so you never forget them.

    And, I'd guess over 70% of Discworld characters show up again in another book.  That's why it is a world, not a trilogy.  It is a world-  and you will understand it so easily, and love visiting it with each new book, until, well, the ride ends- and with a finality that cuts keenly.

    But- oh!  What a long and fulsome ride!  Sir Terry Pratchett is a genius.

    I  nearly envy you experiencing these works for the first time. They are that good.


    PS: Did you watch the Amazon Original Good Omens?  Pratchett.  Well, and Gaiman, too, to Pratchett-  you can see his idea of whimsical satire of religion all over it.  And guess what?!  It looks like it may be made into a series!!   https://deadline.com/2021/06/good-omens-neil-gaiman-season-2-amazon-renewed-1234783163/   




    UTC 2021-07-12 06:27 PM 0 Comments
  2. I echo Nate's Stormlight Archives answer below. My other favorite series were the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini and the Codex Alera series by Jim Butcher.


    Both are outstanding. Inheritance cycle starts with Eragon. Don't let the horrible movies dissuade you from picking it up. The books are much better than the movies. The series follows the journey of a young boy as he learns about dragons and becomes a dragon rider himself. It's an easy read and well worth the investment.


    Codex Alera is more complex with very good interweaving of plot lines. The complexity of the world that Jim Butcher creates is really fun to explore and follow along as it expands from a small corner.

    UTC 2021-07-13 10:25 AM 0 Comments
  3. Nate W 40

    I really enjoyed the first few novels that Scott Lynch did (The Lies of Locke Lamora). 


    Brandon Sanderson has also published some great series over the last decade (Mistborn and Stormlight Series).  Both of them can keep you entertained for months and are page turners.

    UTC 2021-07-12 09:16 PM 1 Comment

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