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  1. Peter Yeargin 1252 Community Answer

    Slow WiFi is typically a problem because of a few issues that are unrelated to other people using your internet connection. It can be that or, more likely, you're experiencing slowness due to high peak times of internet usage on the service provider's backbone. I would monitor and write down the times when you experience slowness to see if there are consistent patterns.


    But outside of that, here are a few things you can do to ensure no outside users are on your home network.


    The easiest way to make sure nobody is surfing on your wifi signal is by having a strong password. This will keep 99.9% of potential unwanted guests at bay. Find your router model, look up how to get to the admin panel, and change your password to something only you know.


    Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like Comcast, Verizon, and Charter will issue routers with default passwords. These passwords are usually fairly strong but I'd still recommend changing the password to something only you and your family know.


    Additionally, you have several options to monitor the users and devices that are currently on your network, depending on the router/wifi hardware you own. Comcast's xFinity app, for example, has a devices and users tab in the mobile app. You can see each and every person and device that has logged into your WiFi at any point.


    Most other wifi routers offer this capability in some fashion. Just reference your manual and see how to get there.


    Hope that helps.



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