Programmable Thermostat, No WiFi, but with automatic heat / cool switch

At this time of year, in the Northeast US, sometimes it's cold in the morning, but hot in the afternoon.

And by "cold" and "hot," I mean that I want the heat on at night, but the A/C on the afternoon.  Ideally, I'd program my termostat to heat until, say, 70 F, and cool to 75 F.

But all the programmable thermostats I can find have a manual switch between heat and cool.  Seems like this should be automatic and easy to implement in a device.  Does anyone have a recommendation?


I know that products like Nest can do this. However, my other requirement is I don't want WiFi.  I'm a I/T professional, and I don't like have little attack vectors living inside my home network.  (There's a reason I buy my Roombas used.  :-))

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  1. Graham Woodring 300 Accepted Answer Community Answer

    Honeywell RTH8500D is programmable, has Auto modes for Fan and System, and does not have WiFi.

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