Are there devices specifically meant to play audiobooks/Audible?

A friend of mine loves to read, but has lost fine motor control to arthritis. She can't hold a book and is not capable of turning a page. Just to complicate things, she's also a proud luddite: no computer, no smartphone, no e-readers. I happen to love audiobooks and would like to introduce her to this hands-free reading option. I'm having trouble finding a device that just does audiobooks. Do I have to buy a smartphone or mp3 player? Does Audible sell their own device? What about an Alexa-enabled device? Whatever it is, it'll have to be uncomplicated and extremely user-friendly. Ideally low- or no-touch.

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  1. J Starr 4425 Accepted Answer Community Answer

    Your friend should be eligible for free audio books from The National Library for the Blind.

    There is, of course, an application, and someone (I always did it for folks I helped in Nursing Homes) has to sign off that she needs this service, and she will get a player, a HUGE catalogue, and up to four books on a memory stick at a time.  She finishes one, sends it back, and the next one on her order list is sent.

    They player is simplicity-  looks like a big  cassette recorder with three great big buttons-  red to stop, green to go, yellow up/down (forward/back) and a speed control- a slow recitation, or a faster recitation which does not sound like either Rod Sterling -or- the Chipmunks.

    It is an AMAZING service- just opens the world back up. 

    Some of the newer players can take a memory stick which is NOT from the NLS, but when you buy the memory stick, you have to make sure it is as "low tech" as possible- no encryption, no filters, no virus protection.  Then you can use that memory stick to record other books, books the NLS- being a tax payor supported service- may not have yet.

    Google her state's library service, and you should find a link for your library system's Library for the Blind.

    It is MARVELOUS!

    UTC 2021-05-05 01:02 AM 2 Comments
  2. I use Sony Stereo CD/MP3 Cassette Boombox to listen to my audiobooks I purchased it from Amazon for $69,99.

    UTC 2021-05-04 05:21 PM 0 Comments

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