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  1. Well, I am biased, but if it's from New York, then that's almost a guarantee. 

    The trick is, thick crust, chewy, not bready. And the crust and crispiness IS about the water, about boiling the dough before baking, about moisture and temperature control and adapting the process to those conditions if they vary significantly. The job is to be consistent, and it takes practice to know when to do what to adapt. The process itself, while complex, is still simple, ferment overnight, boil and bake the next day. 

    Ultimately though, there's enough about the quality of the water, it always will be about the water no matter how people deny it. New York water is the best, it comes from the Catskills in upstate New York, it's clean, full of midnerals and alkalized - it's soft water. But it's not just the water in the dough, it's the water you boil the dough in.And especially now and for the past 20 years or so, that all these disinfectants chlorine, chloramines, ammonia in water is going to impact how anything cooked with water tastes. A number of small bagel shops in the Los Angeles area managed to get it down just about right, and it helped that so many New Yorkers migrated to LA. But people are getting better at it. 

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