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  1. William Pontius 54 Community Answer

    Book Binding Supplies - Book Binding Supplies -
    Ad·  best data i can give i go there when i work for the public library system... hope it helps.

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  2. There are a number of online learning sites that offer instruction in bookbinding. For a relative small cost, you can take official classes/tutorials to learn basics into more advanced skills.  My personal preference is to scour youtube for good tutorials. Yes, it takes longer to find, but it is without cost, and you aren't tied in to taking classes.

    But to be hones, I'd continue with youtube, there is plenty of good information there if you know how to look. What I'd do is start with doing a search for bookbinding tutorials for "types of bookbinding methods." That will give you an overview of the multiple ways of bookbinding so you can decide what you'd like to learn. Then I'd look for bookbinding tutorial in the method of choice. You might want to watch a couple of tutorials, see who suits your style of learning best. And if they have more than one tutorial, then I'd subscribe to their videos.

    As for the online class sites - some of those sites are:



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