Slow speeds on a netgear c3700

I have a plan for 200 mbps and i get 80-93.Its on my computer and i am hooked with a ethernet cable.I have had a tech from xfinity out and he said it was on my end.I have did a reset,reboot check cables.Not sure where to go next

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Brian Robbins

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  1. Peter Yeargin 868 Community Answer

    Brian, you have a DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem, 8x4 channel, so you should easily be able to top off the 200 Mbps download service you're paying for. Though Comcast doesn't rate the Netgear c3700 for speeds >150Mbps, you should be totally fine at 200Mbps service. At the least, you should be getting 150Mbps down with your setup. Anything above 150Mbps technically would require a 16x4 cable modem.

    A few things I would recommend:

    1. I know this sounds basic, but the c3700 is an older modem. Check and make sure you're running the latest and greatest firmware to remove software as the culprit.
    2. Check the coax cable coming into the house and at the connection point to your c3700 Cable modem. If there are any issues there or any fraying, it can lead to slow download speeds.
    3. Make sure you're wired into Ethernet directly off the c3700 and that there are no splitters between you and the connection coming into the house. This will eliminate everything inside the house.

    Did you ever have the XB6 or XB7 from Comcast? If so, did you ever get to the 200Mbps provisioned speeds?

    Feel free to comment off this answer with more detail.

    UTC 2021-04-05 02:50 AM 1 Comment

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