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Slow speeds on a netgear c3700

Topic: Internet Connectivity ,    Subtopic: Cable Broadband (Comcast, Charter, Cox, etc.)

I have a plan for 200 mbps and i get 80-93.Its on my computer and i am hooked with a ethernet cable.I have had a tech from xfinity out and he said it was on my end.I have did a reset,reboot check cables.Not sure where to go next...

asked: UTC 2021-04-05 01:22 AM
image Brian (0)
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Is Google WiFi/Google Nest a good solution for my home WiFi?

Topic: Internet Connectivity ,    Subtopic: Home WiFi/WiFi Mesh Tags: google nest google wifi mesh wifi

We are thinking of upgrading our home wifi connection. We have a lot of spotty areas throughout and need a solution that will reach those corners of the house.   I've tried extenders, but they are very hard to use and require you to change networks each time you move out of range. A friend to...

asked: UTC 2021-04-02 07:33 PM
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How do I set up parental controls in my home for technology use?

Topic: Internet Connectivity ,    Subtopic: Home WiFi/WiFi Mesh Tags: parental controls

The subject says it all. I've been trying to set up parental controls and am at my witt's end. I've tried Apple/Google/Xbox and now I'm trying Bark.   Is there anyone out there that can offer some very specific pointers?  ...

asked: UTC 2021-05-08 03:09 AM
image jennifer_m (45)