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  1. i think it is Emergence
    Emergence is the closest thing to magic.

    IS IT????...

    UTC 2021-03-18 02:35 PM 0 Comments
  2. J Starr 4395 Accepted Answer

    Love, perhaps.

    Not being namby-pamby here, but watching an infant learn some new skill- like turning over, or deliberately finding their toes is magic- because such observation depends upon love. 

    Being able to hold a loved one, soothing that person when they are distressed, feeling them relax to your touch is magic, and it, too, depends upon love.

    Terrific great, sweaty, hungry sex is magic- and all the better when it stems from love.

    The quiet notice and concentration on a task that pleases- art, craft, food-making, sunrise watching- that losing of time and outward circumstance, is magic- and it stems from a sort of self-love- an ability to allow yourself time away from the rest of reality.

    Yes,  it may be that love is the closest thing to magic we humans can experience.

    UTC 2021-03-18 02:40 PM 2 Comments
  3. Acid.

    Or PCP, if you're a risk-taker.

    UTC 2021-03-19 06:35 PM 0 Comments

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