What is your favorite place to find book suggestions?

I am an avid reader, but have been struggling to find book suggestions recently for the kinds of books I'm looking for. I use Good Reads, but am wondering if there are any other platforms I could try? I'm mainly interested in ecology, natural history, sustainability, and homesteading.

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  1. Utilize your local library. Often times their websites have suggestions and peer reviews. Due to Covid-19, many libraries are offering curb side pickup. Larger libraries also offer movies, music, and magazines.

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  2. Over the years, I've made use of a few different resources for finding book suggestions. The first and easiest is in paperback books, there's near always a selection of books the publisher is promoting in the last pages of the book, that's an excellent source, usually the same genre as what you're currently reading.

    Then I look to Goodreads, and I have a list of what I've read, what I want to read, and they offer recommendations.

    A great soure is Amazon, yes, Amazon. Based on books I've looked at and/or purchased, they always offer suggestions at the bottom of the page.

    Some good success finding new authors is doing a Google search by genre and/or author - even asking "authors like Janet Evanovich" and a whole passel of suggestions and sites pop up, even one from Goodreads as I am doing that now.

    A very good source in my experience is simply doing a google search "best authors in Mystery"  or whatever your favorite genre is. And that will list you some very top popular writers. 

    You can always visit a Barnes and Noble and ask, or visit their website, type into the search line the genre you want, and you'll get lots of recommendation. 

    And last - put it out on Facebook or Twitter, ask simply if anybody can suggest a good author or good series of books. They can't resist, you'll get responses. 

    Good luck!

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