Help with sinus issues?

My sinuses have been all over the place recently with all the weather changes. None of the medicine i've been taking has helped at all. 


What can I do to get my sinuses to calm down?

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John Cooper

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  1. J Starr 4395

    Step One would be to stop bombarding yourself- and sinuses- with all those different medications that do different things.

    Step Two would be to see your licensed health care provider so s/he can provide an actual medical-science-based opinion. 

    Me, it turns out I am allergic to Arizona, pretty much.  I get a small respite between desert broom time (end of in late December) and tree season (March) and another after grass season (ends in September/October) and ragweed (November).  At all other times, I take, on the advice of my health care provider, one 24-hour allergy pill in the morning with Mucinex, and another brand of allergy pill in the evening, again with Mucinex. If I don't do this, I tend to sound like an entire TB ward in the late 1800s, and develop fluid in my lungs, necessitating a course of antibiotics and cortisone injections. It is not fun.  Especially now, when people look at anyone coughing as if they were Typhoid Mary.

    This may or may not be a problem not unlike your own.  Then again, you may have an untreated sinus infection.  Or, you may have sinusitis-  none of us can tell you definitively because we are not licensed health care providers who can examine you and provide an actual diagnosis.

    Bite the big one and go get seen.

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