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  1. J Starr 4395 Community Answer

    It sounds like a normal reaction.

    You are saying it is swollen, but you are not describing excruciating pain, so you likely do not have a dry socket (where the clot sealing the opening in the gum has come loose, allowing air in on raw nerves  *ouch*) 

    Think about what was done: A LARGE needle was stuck into your gum and a liquid substance pumped in.  Then, using tools not that much different than what you'd find in any garage tool box, a tooth-  rooted close to the jaw bone- was broken out of its place and yanked out. A little swelling seems about right to me.

    Plus, the whole area was infected- or, at least, inflamed- or the Dentist wouldn't have said pull it.  Add another reason for swelling.

    You should have been given discharge instructions-  ice packs, salt water rinses, pain medication.  I suggest, since an actual licensed health care provider gave you those instructions, you might should follow them.  If it gets worse- especially more painful- call the Dentist's Office and discuss it with them-  they are the people who manage these situations.

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