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  1. Anton Carver 235 Accepted Answer Community Answer

    Geoid is likely the shorter term to describe this, though because of its applications in Earth science it tends to have an association with ocean level sans tides and waves.

    "All points on a geoid surface have the same effective potential (the sum of gravitational potential energy and centrifugal potential energy)."


    UTC 2020-08-14 08:28 AM 0 Comments
  2. Anton's answer ("Geoid") looks good to me, but I think the reason it's not used more is that "sea level" or even (approximately) "the surface of the Earth" are fair approximations and more easily recognized.  The long phrase does, however, express exactly what you mean and gives a fair sense of why you use it.  

    UTC 2020-08-28 09:13 PM 0 Comments

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