Stomach Bloating

I’m trying to find out what foods cause bloating so that I can avoid them.


Do you have any tips to reduce stomach bloating?

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Rose Ibrahim

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  1. Might want to rid your diet of all those healthy whole grains, cruciferous veggies, legumes-  you know, all that fiber-stuff.  High fiber diets often cause bloating because fiber is not being digested and absorbed- instead, it is being broken down as much as possible, and then pushed along through the small bowel and colon, on out the egress, causing small blocks and gaseous eruptions along the way.

    Of course, you might have a food allergy-ish thing going on; it might be to dairy products (a natural culprit), or gluten (please don't jump on the gliuten-bandwagon without a duodenal biopsy** being done; it just sounds faddish when people do that) or something else entirely and your intestines deal with it as much as possible, but gas results. If you believe it is a food allergy, you would have to get tested or go through an intense and uncomfortable few months of trying to figure it out yourself by only eating, say, tuna fish each day all day to see if that's a problem, then pork, then yogurt-  just a mess.

    If you think you have a condition like IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), please see your doctor.  While not as common as most "healthy lifestyle" people believe, if present such a problem can result in the mal-absorption of certain nutrients, and so should be watched by a medical professional, not someone who self-diagnoses according to Mayo Clinic's symptom tracker.

    Otherwise, keep an eye on your diet to see if you can figure out whether or not it is a food, tight clothing (yes, especially for thin women, tight clothing around the abdomen can increase bloating) time of day, day of month- and you will have a better idea of how to decrease this issue.

    And, of course, you can always try Beano.  Stuff usually works.

    **"Gluten intolerance" or "gluten sensitivity" is the newest medical-sounding diet fad going; please see a licensed health care provider before jumping on that bandwagon:  "What are we to make of these mixed results? On theone hand, gluten caused more severe symptoms thanplacebo. But this overall positive result was driven by aminority of patients, whereas the rest had no (or at mosta modest) worsening compared with placebo. Thesefindings can be a Rorschach test of sorts, in which theviewer draws interpretations that are based on his or herprior beliefs about NCGS.7,11Some will conclude thatmore patients would have a symptomatic worsening inthe gluten arm if the dose of gluten were higher; more-over, the positivefinding after the exclusion of FODMAP-sensitive individuals may be a rebuttal to the negativefollow-up trial by Biesiekierski et al.2Others would pointout that the 3 patients who fared worse on gluten may bea product of chance; still others will question whetherthe use of 10 capsules daily in each arm will magnify thepotential for nocebo effect (ie, a negative placebo effect),especially during thefirst week of exposure.1"

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