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What are some ways for someone under the age of 18 to get their start at investing?

Topic: Investing ,    Subtopic: Stock Market Tags: stocks investing question advice

I am currently 17 and have always found the stock market to be incredibly interesting. I have not been able to find a way for someone like me to start investing so I was curious if it was even possible....

asked: UTC 2020-07-10 03:34 PM
image jbrown5 (140)
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What’s the move with Tesla’s stock?

Topic: Investing ,    Subtopic: Stock Market Tags: Stock Tesla correction investing beginner

Hey, so ive just started investing and put some money into Tesla- and it keeps on growing!!    It's current growth feels unsustainable and a correction should be due? Right?   The Morning Star rating for it says it way overpriced and so do many other professionals.    ...

asked: UTC 2020-08-27 08:29 PM
image STET (20)
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Do brick and mortar bookstores really make most of their money on coffee and birthday cards? Why not just stop selling books entirely?

Topic: Investing

A friend of mine owns a brick and mortar store, and I couldn't help wondering if such stores usually make money selling coffee and birthday cakes ? Like why would they not just sell coffee and birthday cakes instead then?...

asked: UTC 2020-09-18 11:05 AM
image Harsh (146)
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What is the best savings/debit account for a 12 year old?

Topic: Investing Tags: Savings First job

My 12 year old son has his first "job" helping a neighbor with odds and ends 3 times per week for a total of 5 hours.  I want him to learn the value of money and savings, but also would like for him to be able to use his earnings towards things that he wants (within reason).  What is the b...

asked: UTC 2021-05-18 02:55 PM
image Shari (145)
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Personal Financial Advisor?

Topic: Investing ,    Subtopic: Tags: Questions

At what point should someone consider engaging the services of a personal financial advisor?  Besides ensuring they have a FINRA license, are there other certifications I should care about?  ...

asked: UTC 2020-07-08 07:31 PM
image Chris_Martin (1824)
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Should you put your savings all in the stock market?

Topic: Investing ,    Subtopic: Stock Market Tags: Investing stocks savings

Other than having a bank for reserve money, should you put all your other savings into the stock market? You can make way more than by having it just sitting in the bank, but are there any downsides? ...

asked: UTC 2020-12-20 10:24 AM
image Ea0503 (148)
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How do I maximize my 401K investments in a Covid-19 world?

Topic: Investing ,    Subtopic: Tags: 401k mutual funds retirement covid19 e

In this turbulent time period, I'd like to make sure I'm maximizing my returns in my 401K, or at least minimalizing my losses as the case may be. I'm 44 and plan to work for at least 10 more years. What types of mutual funds should I be focused on now and which types should I avoid. Large-cap, smal...

asked: UTC 2020-07-10 10:28 AM
image peter_yeargin (1360)
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Can I take out a new construction loan while I still hold a mortgage on my current home (assuming that my income can't support payments for both)?

Topic: Investing ,    Subtopic: Tags: home building construction mortgages

My plan would be to sell my current home as soon as possible after I move into my new home, but I can't build my new home without a new construction loan.  Is this a Catch-22?...

asked: UTC 2020-07-11 05:59 PM
image masseydvt (1191)