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My Ralph Lauren 100% cotton sheet set developed a "powdery, chalky coating" after Being laundered exactly the same way as everything else.  How can I get rid of this awful feeling on them?

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Marilyn Rosen

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  1. K Grace-Lily 2446 Community Answer

    Since you don't give more detail, whether they were brand new sheets, if they were laundered with other items, or if this is a first time happening, it can only be guess what it could be, so I'll give a shot.


    • The first thing that comes to mind is that it could be residue from fabric sizing. Most fabrics on new items are sized, which tends to make the fabric stiffer, and which may leave a residue. To solve that I'd wash them again using hotter water to remove the sizing.
    • It's also possible there may have been some residue in the machine that stuck to the sheets. Using too much powder detergent can leave a residue on fabrics. 
    • Something could have gotten in the wash with other items that got loose during washing, and left behind a residue.
    • If someone else used the machines before you, then it could be something they used that permeated the fabric. Once in a laundramat, someone had washed small rugs in a machine that left behind a lot of residue from the rubber - I had to wash my things twice more to get the residue out.

    It simply could be something that was washed before you did your loads, no matter where or how you washed the items, and without knowing more it's hard to say what's happening, but I'd check the washer and dryer thoroughly, run your hand across the surface and see if you feel and powdery grit that may account for what happened. If that's the case, then run two cycles to clean out the washer, and if it's the dryer, wet a bath towel and wipe out the dryer, and then run a cycle with another wet towel in it to try and remove more if you can't get it all.


    Hope this can help. (And be sure to read J Starr's comment below for another idea)



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