Is a traditional siphon the safest way to clean an aquarium with delicate fish?

My aquarium is full of rare fish that I love like any other pets and I want them to be safe and healthy. When I clean the aquarium with a siphon, I'm always afraid one of the fish will get sucked up into the tube and injured. Fish aren't so smart, so it's entirely possible for them to get confused and swim straight up the tube and die. Is there another way to clean the aquarium that is effective and foolish-fish-proof? 


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Brian Breznik

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  1. William Pontius 54 Community Answer

    ok i had some semi valuable fish when i was a kid.... what u do is transfer water from the tank u r about to clean into a clean container scoop out fish drop them into container... then empty and clean tank toughogly... wait til dry smell and look over tank is it clean does it smell chemically? if so rewash til u get it right occasionally add a new cup of water to the fishes new home every hour or two btw til the new home is ready then pour them into a plastic bag leave slightly open drop into tank when they r ready they emerge into new environment with no shock... or if they dont adter a hour open bag all the way and dump them in... walla u done takes at least 1/2 a day usually 2 do a good job usually lasts a month maybe 2... also consider adding fresh water snail they eaat the scum in your tank bytw and r cheap.... best i can tell u man take care gods bless. 

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