Horror Tree is an incredible resource for horror and speculative fiction writers! Is there something like it for other genres?

The people who run Horror Tree compile paying submission opportunities for magazines, anthologies, and other calls for horror, speculative fiction, and dark fantasy. They also have interviews with authors, short stories, and more -- all for free for writers. It's fantastic! Is this unique in the writing world? Horror is my primary genre, so I'm quite content with Horror Tree, but are there equivalents for other genres if I wanted to branch out, if you'll excuse the pun?

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Sarah C

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  1. Jeffrey Ferreri 699 Community Answer

    Horror Tree is pretty impressive in its usefulness as a specifically focused resource for horror authors. There are various resources online for writers of other genres, but HT strives to be very comprehensive in terms of what it offers.

    The website Writers Write has a page of fiction writing resources that you might find useful. 

    The categories they offer are:

    • Genre Specific Resources

    • Story Components Resources

    • Business of Fiction Writing Resources

    • Research Resources

    Now Novel  has a page of 200 links to resources that fiction writers in general will find useful.

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