What is the record longest time between NHL goals during a single game?

Yesterday, the Colorado Avalanche and the Vegas Golden Knights played an outdoor game in Lake Tahoe, but because the weather was too warm, the ice started to melt. They finished one period, took a long break until the temperatures dropped, then finished the game later that night. The Avalanche made one goal in the first period, and the Knights got one in the second, and they just so happened to be exactly 9 hours apart. Nine hours between goals in a single game! (technically) Is that a record?

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  1. It might be a record except the game was not in play during that nine hours-  it was like a delay of game-  they called the game off until a certain spec had been met. 

    Now, if you want to consider that a record, go right ahead, because that isn't any kind of stat the NHL tracks.  The closest is the amount of time a player goes between goals- over a career.  And some of those are years.

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