How can I best organize my garage?

There are tons of outdoor tools, garden accessories, toys, and random storage boxes in my garage. It's a mess. There must be a good way to organize so many awkward things in this empty space! It's a two-car garage that only holds one car, so there's plenty of space to work with, but I just don't know how best to use it.

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  1. Having an organized garage can help provide a homeowner peace of mind while even possibly adding value to the space. As the garage often serves as a family’s storage center for everything from footballs to lawn mowers, shelves and cabinets can help make better use of the space. At a minimum, set aside time to clear the clutter, categorize objects into groups (frequently used, rarely used, and hazardous materials), and then contain and store those objects to reflect the categories.  Both mounted racks and standing cabinets are options that can be purchased..

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