How do you winterize your garden in prep for spring growth and planting?

I live in PA, and my wife and I are planning to prep our garden beds for the long winter. What are some good tips and advice you've used to winterize your garden? Winterizing seems to make a huge difference and I'd like to give our garden the best chance for success in the spring.


We've already planted a lot of bulbs throughout the landscaping. What else should we do?

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Peter Yeargin

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  1. J Starr 4395

    Remove all "seed" parts of the plants left from the growing season-  such as tomatoes, melons, dill weed and the like. Then till all the not-seedfilled plant bits left into the soil and mulch with leaves from your yard;  in a pinch, go to a big box store with a garden department and buy mulch.  If, during your growing season you did not find many earthworms, consider hitting a place that sells bait and buying a carton of lively worms, and laying those under your leaf or store-bough mulch.  You can also throw vegetable parings and coffee grounds on it up through early winter.

    The organic material will make your soil rich and nutritious; the earthworms will add nutrient and oxygen.  Everything is going to rot in place and make your soil perfect for plants.  Come Spring, till things up again a couple times, and set your starts.

    She'll be right.

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