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At Sage, we believe the only thing worse than having a problem is feeling like you’re trying to solve it alone. We exist to bring together trusted experts and consumers so that whatever you are going through, you don't have to go through it alone.

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What is Sage?

We Help Solve Your Hard Problems

A personal board of advisors
  • Verified experts who can help
  • Intelligent routing of your inquiry to an expert
  • Comprehensive ratings that weed out poor quality
  • A community of users who want to help each other
  • Multiple options to get the answers you need
Public Questions

Ask a Free Question

Let the Sage community give you their best advice.

Public questions are free to ask. Sages answer these questions to help each other and to generate business or personal leads from the answers. Community members vote on the best answer.

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Bounty Questions

Need Answers Faster?

Offer a Cash Reward ($)

Time is money. Maybe you don’t have time for a lot of in-depth research. Or you don’t have the right expertise but need an answer quickly. List your question in our bounty market with the price you’re willing to pay, and have Sage users compete to get you a great answer quickly. You set the priority, the bounty amount, and a deadline when you need an answer.

Private Questions

Enlist an Expert to Help

Get 1:1 advice from qualified experts.

Sage intelligently connects you to experts who can answer your questions quickly and reliably. When you need help on a topic that requires years of experience, there is no better solution than advice from someone with the right expertise, background, and proof of performance. We vet all our experts, both off platform and on platform, to ensure they are capable of giving you the best advice possible.

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Founder & CEO

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Co-Founder & CDO

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Senior Developer

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Head of Community

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