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    A personal board of advisors

    Sage is your home for personalized, reputable advice you can trust.
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    Share your knowledge.

    Connect with others to share your most important experiences and advice.
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    Real people. Reliable advice.

    No AI or machine learning. Just real people like you sharing knowledge, experience, and wisdom.

Ask questions for free or pay for personalized advice

Free Public Forums

Ask questions in our public forum and get advice from other Sages. It’s totally free and helps build a community knowledge base.

Monetize Your Knowledge

People already recognize the value of your time and knowledge. With Sage, you can do what you’re good at and get paid for it.

Transparent Billing

Ask your question, select a Sage, make payment, and get your personalized answers. It’s like grabbing a cup of coffee, but for advice.

Earn money from anywhere.

Build your reputation and followers to create income flow opportunities. Or bring your followers with you from other platforms, giving them direct access to your experience, wisdom, and advice.

What is Sage?

Sage is a new startup with the simple concept of providing advice to people who need it. Objective questions are easily answered with simple Google searches. But our most important questions need advice from people we trust .

Let's Meet Our Team

Peter Yeargin

Founder & CEO

Peter Yeargin

Chayan Biswas

Lead Developer

Chayan Biswas

Atikuzzaman Shakil

Senior Developer


Questions or comments?

Please feel free to reach out. We read all of our user feedback.