What brings you back to Sage?

Checking in on new questions and answers has become part of my morning coffee routine.  How about you?  Do you just come back when you get a notification or do you have the site bookmarked?  

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Christopher Martin

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  1. J Starr 2805 Community Answer

    There it is, open at the top of my Firefox screen.  News, Other news, Sage, Facebook.  There it is.

    This past week, I finally noticed I had not gotten ANY notifications since my last login.  That was odd.  So I clicked it open.  Looked exactly as it had last time I had checked it, so I refreshed- and was promptly kicked out and had to log back in!  Me!  Huh!

    At which point I noticed seven notifications up there, and felt humbled, and clicked through, and read a couple questions, answered one, and then this one was intriguing....

    And that's how it seems to go.

    UTC 2021-05-05 01:08 AM 0 Comments

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