How hard is it to download/install/get started on Discord?

A bunch of my friends have been after me to get on Discord - they play games online and use it for voice chat, and sometimes video, I gather?  Someone sent me a link for a download to join their server, whatever that means.  What kind of resources am I going to need in terms of memory/RAM for this, and do I need a special webcam or microphone/headphones?



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  1. Jesse Martin 50 Accepted Answer Community Answer

    It should run fine on any modern computer; you'll need a 3Ghz processor and one GB of RAM at minimum. It'll work on windows 7 and up, MacOS 10.10 and up, and the big five web browsers (Chrome, Firefox. Opera, Edge, and Safari) as long as they're up to date.

    As for the second question, you won't need a high-end webcam or microphone. Heck, you don't need either of those things at all to use the app. But you might want to invest in them if you want to project clear, high-quality audio/video across the app.

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  2. Discord is not that different from most other messenger apps. However, it has some added, "gamer-friendly" features that helps in planning clan based games. 

    I think you can use any mid to low range phone with video calling capability to use discord. According to their site, Android version 5 and above, and IoS 10 and above is supported.

    So if you have a phone that runs any of the operating systems mentioned above, then you are good to go. 

    UTC 2021-04-06 03:10 PM 0 Comments

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