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The area where I live is really expensive and I can't afford to buy properties with a 20% down payment. I am interested in long-distance real estate investing. How do I select a market to buy properties in?

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  1. 10 Best Places to Invest In Real Estate in 2021

    1. Boise, Idaho
    Bosie stands at the 1st position for real estate investment. It has a record of being one of the best long term real estate investments in the U.S. The supply and demand dynamics continue to drive home prices up in Boise. The Boise housing market was ranked as the #1 in the U.S., by’s metro level housing forecast for the year 2020. Their main criteria were based on the combined yearly percentage growth in both home sales (0.3%) and prices (8.1%) expected in 2020 among the top 100 largest markets in the country.

    2. Dallas, Texas
    Dallas is another good place to invest in real estate in 2021. The strong availability of housing stock and high rental rates relative to the house price make it an accessible market to invest in. 

    2. Houston, Texas
    Houston is one of the all-time best places to invest in real estate. This city is the home of the US oil and gas industry and offers perennial employment opportunities. These strong macroeconomic factors continue to power the Houston housing market. The average home is valued at $412,000. The rental income of $1,550 is relatively low given the property valuations. However, what makes Houston a strong investment destination is that it has a very active real estate market. Volumes of trade are high and housing stock moves fast. 

    3. Atlanta, Georgia
    Atlanta, GA is also one of the best places to invest in real estate.  Atlanta offers attractive buying prospects for the savvy rental property investor. The city’s population has grown by over 14 percent in the last decade. This increasing population is driving the housing demand..

    4. Las Vegas, Nevada
    Las Vegas has experienced several booms in its history. And it saw an incredible real estate bust during the Great Recession. Las Vegas’ recovery hasn’t made the same headlines as the 50% or greater declines in home values did a decade ago. Yet its recovery shouldn’t keep investors away. For savvy investors, the Las Vegas real estate market is both stable and predictable. 

    5. Orlando, Florida
    Orlando, FL is a tourism and entertainment favorite, because of this, it remains a strong real estate investment destination. Investors have a choice of targeting the long term residential or holiday markets with their properties. Both offer strong returns. While improving the Orlando real estate market and flourishing tourism are two of the most important reasons behind Orlando’s economic stability, these two industries have a lot to gain from the successful economy. This expansion is related to the growing population and job opportunities in this city, this translates to more rental income and tourism leading to a better economy for the city.

    6. Spokane, Washington
    Spokane is small, but it is a rising real estate hot spot. House prices are relatively cheap compared to much of the country at a median price of around $265,000 that offers fantastic mortgage coverage. Data from Zillow shows that Spokane’s housing market is hotter than Seattle’s for the first time in six years. Spokane homes are selling faster than Seattle homes. For renters in Spokane, the good areas are mostly on the north side (north of Garland street). Perry District is growing faster than many other parts of Spokane. Spokane Valley and Liberty Lake are also desirable neighborhoods and are growing rapidly.

    7. Tampa, Florida

    With a population of more than 4 million, Tampa, FL is not only an attractive metropolitan area but is also one of the most frequently visited tourist destinations. There are several economic and development prospects attached to this market and Tampa was described as one of the hottest real estate markets in the US in the past year.  The median home value is $251,287 (on Zillow).

    8. Austin, Texas
    The Austin housing market has gained a lot of steam, with home values almost doubling since 2010. The Austin real estate market isn’t as big as Dallas, San Antonio, or Houston. Austin has come up as another tech hub in the last 5 to 6 years.

    9. Chicago, Illinois
    Chicago is the third-largest metropolitan area in the U.S, with almost three million in Chicago and another ten million in the surrounding metro area. Chicago has a large population, a diverse economy, and a stable market. It is home to 32 Fortune 500 companies. It has high private sector employment. And due to several factors, Chicago is one of the best real estate markets for investing in rental properties for sale.  Over 50% of the population rents.

    10. Columbus, Ohio
    The residential property in Columbus sells for a median price of $174,109. This means that the rental yield is high. The cost of buying a home is well within the reach of an average household income. The Columbus Ohio housing market is seeing steady growth due to slow population growth. Between 2013 and 2018, property values have increased. In the past year, they increased a whopping 8.4%. There is a great demand for older, renovated homes in established, walkable neighborhoods.

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