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Creating Startup Momentum – Part 2

Peter 1

Marc: “Do you know the best thing about startups?” Ben: “What?” Marc: “You only ever experience two emotions: euphoria and terror. And I find that lack of sleep enhances them both.” A famous conversation between Ben Horowitz and Marc Andreesen of Andreesen Horowitz. It’s been four and a half months since a lunch meeting that changed the course of Sage from idea to realization. The amount of ground I’ve covered in the startup world in a few short months has absolutely astounded me. The strong relationships I’ve built in a short time because of shared blood, sweat, and tears are like none other that I’ve seen in my 20-year career in information technology. Founding a startup is hard. It’s a constant struggle. You’re always either overwhelmed or teetering on the edge of being overwhelmed. Having that shared experience with other founders just seems to knock down emotional walls. The age-old (sage, if you’ll pardon a pun) advice about seizing an opportunity when it presents itself never goes out of style. Six months ago, I had that opportunity present itself to me in the form of a new introduction, Jonathan Katz. Before I get to that, let me finish the backstory of how I came to meet him. After joining Philly Startup Leaders (PSL), via their Slack channel, I began to read through and post a few comments here and there. I was mostly getting my feet wet but also trying to establish relationships with new and interesting people. The startup…