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Top 5 Gardening Questions We Can’t Answer

Peter 0

Winterizing Your Garden Each week, the team pulls together our favorite questions that we’re dying to find answers to, and this week we’re digging in the dirt and pulling out some fascinating questions about gardening. We know a lot of you are getting ready to save your plants from the harsh winter climates, so keep an eye on this question for tips on winterizing your plants now so they’ll be ready for new growth in the spring. One site we’ve found for great tips on this is Garden In Minutes which has a great step-by-step method for winterizing a garden. We especially love this tip: “Weeds, sick plants, and dead materials should be removed from your garden regularly to prevent disease and insect infestation. Insects WILL lay eggs in dead vines and plants, and they WILL survive through the winter and hatch in the spring. Insect eggs are resilient, therefore they must be disposed of before battening down the hatches.” A little fun fact we learned this week thanks to our experts: Some houseplants are temperamental about being moved, so be sure to take caution when prepping your houseplants for the winter. Can you help shed some light on these other gardening questions? Are all fallen leaves good for composting? What trees should I plant in my yard for the most colorful autumn in years to come? How can I start a vegetable and fruit garden in my backyard without it being too labor-intensive? What are some good indoor herbs…