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Creating Startup Momentum – Part 1

Peter 0

Inertia is a funny thing. We’ve all learned Newton’s first law of motion — objects in motion tend to stay in motion AKA the ‘Law of Inertia’. The founder’s world is all about forward movement: getting to the next step, creating the next social media post, finding the next LinkedIn connection that can open new doors to funding your startup. How do I create that continuous forward motion? What are the concrete steps I need to take to establish motion? How do I recognize opportunities and take advantage of them as they present themselves? The goal of this article is to tell my story of the conscious steps I took to create that initial motion. I read any number of articles about creating goals and writing them down. But taking those goals and turning them into something real ultimately required a deliberate approach and mindset. I wanted to get Sage into motion because I posited that once I had it moving forward, it would be harder to slow it down. Five years after my initial idea for this Startup, it became painfully clear to me that it's the strategy of your strategy that moves the needle. My advice? Always imagine your ideal end state first and then work backward to plan the necessary steps to get there. An upcoming post will deal with backwards planning and the clarity it can bring to any project. It is a tool I use constantly today. Envision Your End State However, visualizing my end…